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General Terms and Conditions

When ordering our terms and conditions apply, the customer agrees to have taken note of and accepts them.
Escort Airport Frankfurt acts solely as a service provider and works on behalf of the respective ladies who act independently and on their own account.
We provide an advertising platform, coordinate appointments and advertise advertising.
Application services of our company are subject to these Terms and Conditions; contrary deviating conditions of the customer are not recognized by, unless we have agreed to them in writing. Contract actions on our part are not considered approval to deviate from our Terms and Conditions. When ordering the terms and conditions as the customer are noted and accepted. Contract Offers of friendly escorts are subject to change. An eventual refusal of orders we reserve the right. A contract is only concluded after telephone or written confirmation by friendly escort. Provider of the escort service is the respective lady who is self-creating and the amount in the own counter name takes. MG Medien merely provides the advertising platform Escort Airport Frankfurt for providers of services in the escort area. MG Medien occurs only as an intermediary. The result is no contractual relationship of any kind between MG Medien, Escort Airport Frankfurt and the client.
When booking for several days, or for longer arrival and departure times for each Escort Ladys we reserve the right to issue the order only after a 30% deposit.

1. The contractual services include the personal use of mediated person to accompany as hostess for business or private purposes. The customer requires the person booked no legally impermissible activities. Contravention by the customer is both friendly escort and the mediated person exempted from the provision of the service.
2. If the agreed deadlines is friendly escort-a half-hour grace period to comply with the time requirement of the customer. Should not appear the customer, so the failure to meet deadline it will be billed. A performance is no longer necessary in this case - the requirement is then to cover the damages.

1. The agreed prices are only valid for the respective Auftrag.
2. All prices are gross prices incl. VAT 3. All costs incurred during the provision of services (travel, hotel accommodation, food, drinks, entrance fees, etc.) are to be borne by the customer.

1. The service is carried out in accordance with the agreed deadline. If the customer reports a prevention in advance on the agreed date, Escort Airport Frankfurt will seek to allow the customer a free postponement. A withdrawal from the contract is possible for the customer to 3 days before the agreed date.

1. When booking for several days, or for longer arrival and departure times of each escort lady we reserve the right to issue the order confirmation only after payment of a 30% deposit.
2. All other accompanying services are to be paid at the beginning of service delivery in person to the person booked in cash.
3. During a service deployment booked more time. (More hours) will be charged according to our fee guidelines and is payable directly at the booked person in cash.

1. Escort Airport Frankfurt is to provide the service only obliged if before the contract begins the agreed fee paid by the customer wurde.Escort Airport Frankfurt shall not be liable for the actions of mediated person who so far completely own responsibility towards the customer occurs and is not regarded as a rubber stamp of Escort Airport Frankfurt. A liability for the quality of service can not accept this Escort Airport Frankfurt.
2. The client has over-friendly escort, and then notify the intended, specific purpose, the scope and specifics of the desired performance over the mediated person.
3. The customer shall continue to ensure that the mediated person is in no way at risk as part of the completion of an order in their body or in terms of their property.
4. For any adult material and immaterial damages mediated person or Escort Airport Frankfurts in the order conversion by the customer and which can not be represented by Escort Airport Frankfurt or the mediated person.
5. The customer has to ensure that the person is switched at the end of the order again, at the expense of the customer, transported back to the original site of the first contact.

1. For all contracts subject to German law. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract shall be the contractor's (Frankfurt).
2. The customer agrees to a mediated friendly escort person - in the future - only Escort Airport Frankfurt and never to book directly or through a third party or to contact. The customer is not entitled to assign its claims from this contract to third parties. All Escort Airport Frankfurt reported data is kept strictly confidential and not shared with third parties.

If any provision of these terms and conditions, including this provision be wholly or partially invalid, or the conditions contain a loophole, the validity of the other parts remain unaffected. Instead of the ineffective or missing regulations the respective legal regulations or, if not available, provisions. The purpose of the invalid provisions Notes to the ladies and to all domains, sub-pages and links Escort Airport Frankfurt. The ladies are self-employed entrepreneurs and offer their services completely independently and on their own account at. Of course, we provide you on commission (30%) like an invoice incl. VAT. Please contact our office when booking. The details of the meetings please vote only with the lady. Please note that we are only intermediaries. When it comes to no down payment, the lady takes the agency commission of 30% for the pure mediation gratefully for us. The contract is only valid if the women agree to this. The customer then receives from the agency for confirmation. This then created exclusively a contract between the customer and the lady booked.

Escort Airport Frankfurt
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